For the second time in less than a month, Herb Cohen raised concerns before the Graham City Council regarding the growing problem of copper and metal theft in the city.

As a licensed real estate broker, Cohen has had the house he's renovating on Old Jacksboro Road broken into and stripped of copper wiring three times. Because of this, he's had to install a surveillance system around the house, and he thinks this might finally stop it from being broken into. 

This problem is not exclusive to Cohen. 

In and around Graham, and throughout Texas and beyond, the problem of copper and other scrap metal theft is growing, and people all over Young County are affected by it. 

Initially, Cohen made a proposal before the council that sought to require people selling scrap metals to have permits, explaining that if people pillaging abandoned structures or homes-under-construction were required to have permits in order to sell the pilfered metal to a scrap yard, that would discourage the thefts. At least to a degree. 

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