Since Nov. 1 of this year, there have been about 20 earthquakes recorded by seismologists in an area including, but not limited to the region northwest of Fort Worth. 

Last weekend, the most recent earthquake occurred near Mineral Wells. It was recorded at 3.7 on the Richter scale and came just 24 hours after a 3.6 magnitude quake was registered just north of Azle. 

There are two studies from University of Texas and Southern Methodist University seismologists, both from 2009, which strongly correlate links between seismic activity and injection wells which are drilled to dispose of fluids related to oil and gas production.

Seismologists from SMU near Dallas will deploy a variety of seismic monitors in and around Azle to study the recent burst of small earthquakes that have been occurring in the area northwest of Fort Worth.


For the past several years, the North Texas region has been one of prolific oil production, most notably taken from the Fort Worth Basin's Barnett Shale formation. 

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