The possibility of adding an ATV park to Graham on the land west of Salt Creek was discussed with the City Council at their December 19 meeting.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides grants for ATV parks, and the City of Childress has taken advantage of these grants in recent years. At the Thurday morning meeting, Childress City Manager Bryan Tucker spoke before the council on the financial merits of having an ATV park.

Topping the list of benefits, Tucker, a Childress native, said that an ATV park could augment tourism to the area. According to Tucker, motorized trail grants are some of the most underutilized grants offered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Because of this, he said that the city of Childress has acquired funding to add trails and other facilities to its existing ATV park. The park in Childress covers over 600 acres and was built in 2008 for roughly $460,000, partly through money received via a Texas Parks and Wildlife land acquisition grant.

He added that through the repeated requesting of grants through the TPWD, Childress has benefited from a healthy rapport with the state department.

“We've built such good relationships with Texas Parks and Wildlife along these last four or five years, that we've sort of become a poster child for these types of facilities,” Tucker told the Graham City Council.

He said that on the park in Childress lies four miles of ATV trails, a 1.3 mile motocross track, restrooms, RV hookups and comfort stations equipped with pavilions and water lines.

For Tucker, the bottom line of having in ATV park in his city remains that it has drawn family-oriented tourism dollars to his town, and that was the message he sought to drive home to the Graham City Council.

Read the entire story in the Wednesday edition of The Graham Leader.