The Graham Fire Department is continuing its buzzard removal effort that began on Nov. 26. Initially, the areas of concentration included the radio tower on Cherry Street, as well as the corner of Caliveras and Kentucky Streets.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Jerry David, there are new areas of dense buzzard concentration on the 1000 block of Kintner Street, as well as Hillcrest and Indiana Streets. David also said that the buzzards are being found further south in the city.

City Manager Larry Fields brought the removal plan before the city council in late November, stating that consistency would be the key to success. This means that the buzzards need to be harassed with pyrotechnic flares every evening at around the same time until they have permanently relocated outside of the city.

Due to the recent ice storm, David said that there were a couple of days when the fire department couldn't find any buzzards to harass, but since the weather has warmed up, the birds have returned.

“During the ice storm, we couldn't find them anywhere,” David said. “They were holed up somewhere out of the weather.”

He said that there is no way to predict how long the buzzards will remain within the city, but the fire department will continue its efforts until they have moved to more rural areas of Young County.

On top of this, he added that the number of buzzards varies from day to day, so there isn't a way to generate a specific census of birds from the beginning of the project to now. Regardless, David said that no matter how long it takes, the job will be seen to completion.

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