According to Graham Police Chief Tony Widner, drug arrests have increased for the time period between the beginning of November to the first half of December.

Chief Widner first brought the rise in drug arrests to the attention of the Graham City Council during Thursday morning’s meeting. From Nov. 3 to Dec. 14, Graham police officers have made 12 drug-related arrests, including two charges of possession of paraphernalia.

“If you have paraphernalia, you’re going to jail,” Widner said. “We have a zero tolerance policy on that.”

Other arrests made during this time period include possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine, manufacture and delivery of what officers believe was methamphetamine and possession of illegal prescription drugs including hydrocodone.

Arrests were also made of juveniles in possession of marijuana and prescription drugs. Widner said that the recent increase in drug arrests isn’t what he’d call monumental, but is still worth paying attention to.

“It is higher. I don’t know that it’s really a big jump,” he said. “But it is markedly higher than what we’ve had.” Widner related that the jump most likely reflects both increased drug use and more successful police work.

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