The Graham Regional Medical Center has seen a recent upswing in flu patients, as well as patients with flu-like symptoms.

Michelle Hall, head nurse at GRMC, reported at a Dec. 30 meeting of the GRMC hospital board that there had been 12 positive cases of type A influenza, or H1N1, within the seven days prior to the Monday meeting.

“In the emergency room this past Saturday and Sunday, we saw 15 flu-like illnesses, and three got admitted,” Hall reported to the hospital board.

This trend falls in line with state cases showing the same increase in occurrence. According to an end of year report for the months of November and December from the Centers for Disease Control, the agency has received numerous reports of young and middle-aged adults with severe respiratory illness and influenza A (H1N1).

The report also states that there have been several hospitalizations, including ICU admissions, due to the rising number of flu cases at the end of this year. The CDC has also reported findings for the entire U.S. broken down into regions.

Texas is a part of region six, and among other findings, the statistics show that this region’s rate of flu cases has been elevated 23.1 percent, with four out of every five jurisdictions in the region reporting widespread or regional activity of flu cases.

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