As the Young County Junior Livestock Show quickly approaches, Orth 4-H members Cotton and Annie Reinke have been up to their necks in wool.

The siblings are the children of Becky and Randy Whitmire of Olney. Cotton is a freshman at Olney High School, and Annie is in the sixth grade at Olney Junior High School. Cotton has been a part of Orth 4-H for six years and has been showing livestock ever since. He has shown lambs since then but took a break, and this is his first year back. 

“I decided to show lambs because they are easy to handle and transport due to their size,” Cotton said. “They are not too expensive to feed, and we have a lot of good breeders in our area. In the past, I showed goats and a steer as well, but the lambs are my favorite.”

Annie has shown lambs in pee wee competitions, but his is her first semi-major show. 

The siblings have both named their lambs. Annie dubbed her’s Christoph because she “thought it sounded cool.” 

Cotton, on the other hand, alternates between two names for his lamb, depending on its mood.

“Killer and Haus are two of the ones I usually use,” Cotton said. “He is a very sensitive lamb and rather jumpy at times. It appears from scars (brought on by) wool pulling that he was picked on when he was young. He is still a bit scarred emotionally and physically and doesn’t like to be handled much. This is a challenge we are trying to overcome since, during the show, he will need to be calm and controlled to allow the judge to evaluate him fairly.”

The duo runs with their lambs, works them and handles them often to get them prepared for the livestock show.


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