Editor’s note: This report introduces a six part series on each improvement plan for all five GISD campuses. 

The Graham Independent School District has set its District Improvement Plan goals for 2013-14.

Every year, the District Improvement Plan focuses on achieving six goals, five of which are required at both federal and state levels. 

“There are certain aspects that have to be addressed inside the plan for each entity,” said GISD curriculum director Ashley Stewart. “It helps us look at things that we are doing well and things that we need to continue focusing on. It allows us to look at each school individually and the district as a whole.”


Each campus principal and his or her staff write their campus plans coordinated with the district goals.

“The strategies underneath the goals are what is different for each campus,” Stewart said. “All the actions and strategies that we put into our plan need to, in some way, connect back to the mission statement.”

According to the mission statement, Graham ISD will focus on the future by empowering students to think creatively and critically while learning in engaging, innovating and inspiring environments; and build conceptual understanding through activity-based instruction.

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