The Old Post Office Museum and Art Center will get a fresh new look beginning this month.

Repairs to the historic building are much-needed, and one of the key repairs focuses on its roof. The OPOMAC had a flat roof for years, and two drain pipes still run through the walls of the building and into the street. They served as the only outlet for water collected during rainfall. Although the pipes were cleaned by city crews when needed, they were not enough to prevent water from settling on the roof. The building now has a pitched roof, but the damage still remains. 

Also marked for repair are the museum's walls. The OPOMAC board recently agreed to use funds obtained from memberships and the museum's account to restore the inner walls, and restoration for that project begins Monday, Feb. 24 through Paul Alaniz' construction company.

“They're going to come in and repaint the inside of entire building,” said Marlene Edwards, OPOMAC director. “Basically, it's going to be the same color scheme we have now.”

The company will also restore the building's plaster, which is currently cracked and bubbling.  

Additionally, the museum will receive a new LED lighting system installed by Sheriger Electric, with electrical supplies from Nunn Electric, both out of Wichita Falls.

“It'll have track (lighting) and it won't be the exact configuration as it is now, but it will be very similar to it,” Edwards said. “The canisters and the heads will be smaller because of the LEDs — you don't need them as large as you do with these floodlights.”

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