The future of the vacant lot now occupying the site where the old county law enforcement building once stood is uncertain, and soon to be covered in grass.  

County officials disagree on what the best use of the spot would be, but will say that grass is to be planted on the spot once Matrix Demolition finishes clearing it of remaining debris.

“We really don't have any plans for it yet. It's a good space. If ever we need space, we have it,” said County Commissioner Matt Pruitt. “Right now it's going to be a grass field.”

For Commissioner Mike Sipes the future is bright for the plot. The precinct-one commissioner said he envisions a green area for picnicking and public events, such as the upcoming Possum Pedal, and that he is glad the law enforcement building is gone.  

“It's not exactly Central Park, but it's still an addition. Normally, all of the open area has been on the north end of the square, now we have a green space down on this end of the Square,” Sipes said. “Someday there will be something that will come along that we can use it for. Something that we can hopefully use to enhance the downtown area and commerce square will sit on this building. I'm just happy to see the Downtown Square of Graham, Texas, no longer housing a defunct building of incarceration.”

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