Graham High School will see a new batch of laptops in the coming months.

GHS started the one-to-one laptop initiative in the 2010-11 school year, and Macbook were assigned to every GHS student. Since the beginning of the initiative, the laptops have seen some heavy usage since they were assigned four years ago. 

“We can see wear-and-tear around the corners and cracks on the cases,” said Graham Independent School District Technology Director Jayne Beale. “We're starting to see the batteries are losing power because kids are using them at school and at night. They've had so much use that we're starting only not to see only exterior wear but interior (wear as well). They're about to run their course. That was the idea all along, to refresh every four years or so.”

GHS students use the laptops to create new projects, build presentations, integrate technology into their classroom, conduct online research, generate communication with teachers and students and access Skyward Memory, a program that allows kids to keep up with missing assignments and keep track of their grades.

In an effort to provide students dependable computers and technology, the GISD school board approved the GHS laptop upgrade last week. 

A total of 725 MacBooks will be replaced, and new computer bags will be issued for each laptop. 

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