The Graham Pride Spring Cleanup ended April 13, and now Graham is measurably cleaner.

The cleanup effort, held April 5 through 13, allowed Graham citizens to get rid of old electronics and shred old paperwork on the Downtown Square as well as dump trash, old tires, brush and recyclable items at the city's Convenience Station.

A total of 15 roll-off containers were filled with 40 yards of waste. During any given week the convenience station collects nearly two containers of waste, which jumped to 15 boxes during the cleanup last week. Convenience Station Manager Joel Williams said there was a slight decrease in collected trash at the station, as well as in the amount of tires collected, down to 43. He said that the lowered amounts of trash and tires aren't necessarily a bad thing.

“That may mean we may be getting cleaned up,” Williams said. “It's hopefully decreasing the amount that we're going to see each year. People generate a lot of garbage, but its possible that it's slowly eating away at stuff that people have stockpiled at houses. Each time we have this, hopefully people will jump on the bandwagon and do it. It's cleaning up the community, and hopefully we'll just see the impact of it.”

He also said that there was in increase in recycled items during the cleanup, and the amount of mulch given to customers stayed consistent. 

“I gave away somewhere in excess of 100 cubic yards of mulch, that was definitely more than I give away in a week,” Williams said. “The brush, it was pretty much standard. This area generates more brush than most areas. It's nothing to see 15-20 loads come in on a day that we're open. It seems unchanged to me.”