The new logo adopted by the City of Graham and the Graham Chamber of Commerce.
The new logo adopted by the City of Graham and the Graham Chamber of Commerce.

The City of Graham and the Graham Chamber of Commerce adopted a brand new logo sporting the city's updated tag line, “Where Texas Comes Home.”

It's the first step in a year-long joint effort by the Chamber, the Graham Economic Improvement Corporation and the Graham Industrial Association to design a shared website for several city agencies.

The GEIC will bankroll the new site that will consolidate the now separate web-homes of the Chamber, the Library of Graham, GEIC and the Convention and Visitors Bureau, said GEIC Director Neal Blanton.  

“I'm really excited about the website,” Blanton said. “I sincerely hope that within the next 60 days that we can roll something out and that in 90 days it can be functional.”

The updated logo replaces one previously shared by the city and Chamber that featured the tag line, “The North Star of TEXAS” nestled underneath a detailed rendering of the historic arch from the center of the Downtown Square. That logo was officially adopted by the city in October of 2003.

“We've looked at a lot of different logos, trust me,” Blanton said.

The CVB is in the process of finalizing its own updated logo, and there was a brief moment of confusion at the June 5 Graham City Council meeting where aldermen approved the town's new logo. 

“You keep mentioning the CVB logo as well,” said councilman Darby Brockway. “Do they have to have different logos?”

City Manager David Casteel cleared up the confusion. 

“The logo that you have presented to you is one that we are trying to market to businesses and investors,” he said. “The CVB, they're looking for a different clientele. They're looking for people who want to come spend a weekend and do something fun and homey.”

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