The short-lived season of a fireworks stand attendant isn't easy. The hours are grueling; you typically have to sleep in a trailer near the stand; and, for most stand workers, you don't clock out until midnight on the Fourth of July.

This is husband and wife Chris and Tammy Trentham's first year to work the Mr. W fireworks stand on Highway 380, about a mile south of Lake Eddleman. They opened on Friday, June 27, but the couple said they had been preparing the stand for two days prior to the grand opening.

Tammy was friendly and talked about what she had gleaned so far from her first few days in the fireworks business. She pointed out popular items of inventory and discussed sales numbers.

“They say that 75 percent of our sales will be the third and fourth (of July),” she said. “So, the majority of sales will be at the tail end.”

Chris was equally helpful in giving a sense of his job.

“My biggest seller so far, I'd have to say, would be the Water Crackers,” he said. “They're the ones right there behind you in the blue box.”

Almost as if an afterthought, Chris divulged some crucial information. On Saturday morning, June 28, at around 10 a.m., he said he discovered that their stand had been burglarized despite the fact that he slept in a trailer right beside it. He said that the lock had been cut by bolt cutters, and the couple tallied about $2,000 in losses.

Chris said he immediately called the sheriff's department. Attempts to reach a representative from the sheriff's office have so far been unsuccessful, but according to the dispatch blotter, Chris Trentham did place a 911 call Saturday, June 28 at 10:52 a.m., and the case is now being investigated by deputy Maddie Hirsch.

“There was about nine full cases of stuff gone,” Chris said. “Seven of these Mr. W's Best fireworks were gone. And I haven't sold any of these yet, so if you see someone around here with one of these, you know they're the thief.”

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