On Friday, June 27, The Graham Regional Medical Center Board of Directors posted an agenda for a special meeting scheduled for July 3. According to the agenda, after an item labeled "employment of CEO," the board was to break into executive session for "consideration of employment of CEO."

On Monday, June 30, the meeting was canceled and the agenda removed from the GRMC website, said Chief Information Officer Jeff Clark. Board chairman Larry Kovar explained that the meeting was postponed at the last minute.

"We wanted to get a lot of information together, and that didn't come together," he said. "We didn't have all the information together to come out of an executive session with a firm decision. Sometimes wheels don't turn as fast as we want them to."

The board is hoping to get the needed information in the next week or two, said Kovar, in order to have the meeting at or before the next board meeting July 24. Scott Landrum has been CEO of the hospital since mid-December 2013 when he was hired on an interim basis.

Landrum took over after former GRMC administrator Steve Hartgraves left the position abruptly on Dec. 10. The CEO had been in the role since August 2007, and no reasons were publicly given by the hospital's board of directors to explain the sudden departure.

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