Tuesday afternoon two men clad in denim shirts methodically laid grass seeds in neat rows across the dirt lot that sits on the southwest corner of Graham’s Downtown Square.

The lot, once the home of Young County’s defunct old jail building, demolished in May, should be covered in a blanket of Bermuda grass by September, said Young County Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Sipes. The Precinct 1 crew worked this week to stabilize the existing dirt and lay down fresh soil, fertilizer and grass seed.

“By the fall we should have a nice green lawn there for the citizens of Graham to experience,” Sipes said.

From under a large straw hat, county utility worker Jerry Jones explained that a crew will be at the lot every morning with a large white truck for about the next two weeks to water while the grass sprouts.

“So far as potable water is concerned, it would be a travesty pour water on the ground when you are in stage 3 restrictions,” Sipes said.

The water for the new lawn is non-potable, or not for drinking, and comes from a water well Sipes had drilled last year on county property to supply groundwater for road work and similar projects.

“I started trying to think outside of the box a little bit, and I decided that maybe drilling a well at the precinct yard would be a good alternative to buying potable water from the city,” he explained. “So we drilled a well at precinct 1 and put a solar pump on it, and we’ve got facilities now to store 18,000 gallons of non-potable water there for our various uses. There is fresh water coming from a well approximately 50-feet deep, from the precinct-1 yard, that we’re placing on that lot to grow that grass.”

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