After consultation with two attorneys, the City of Graham has determined that it cannot issue permits for the retail sale of alcohol within city limits, regardless of what happens in November's election to legalize the sale of beer and wine in Young County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, which encompasses all of Graham and the southeastern portion of Young County.  

The topic was discussed at Graham's City Council meeting Thursday morning at 9:30. The city's attorney Kerwin Stephens gave his opinion on the matter.  

The YCJP Precinct 1 election will not supersede the dry designation acquired by the city in 2012 when citizens voted 1,424 to 1,734 against the issue, Stephens said. This decision by the City of Graham will not affect the sale of alcohol at private clubs in Graham.

“If we allowed the larger jurisdiction to impose the law, it would disenfranchise the citizens of Graham who voted against being wet,” Mayor Jack Graham said. “It's not a choice by the city, it's following the law.”

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