Are we living in “Little D.C.”? Are we now living in our own “little nightmare”? I am descended from Virginia settler who came to the New World in the early 1600s for freedom of religion, economic opportunity and prosperity. They were among the one million Patriots who fought our American Revolution, our tax-and-freedom revolt against King George. We still seek opportunity and prosperity. Americans are still willing to work and discipline themselves to obtain the “American dream.” However, organized governments did then, and do still, think themselves in possession of “wisdom,” and thus entitled to whatever portion of the citizens' (wage-earners') reward they may wish to take.

Government is not above “cramming” rules, legislation and taxation down our throats. Such issues should be slowly and carefully considered in full day-light and at length. Taxation and inflation, both propelled by out-of-control government spending, are running rampant. This is frightening. As a working “elder,” I see every 25-cent per can price increase at the grocery store as a source of fear of the future. I'm “planning” to live another 33 years — unless I'm unable to afford food and taxes. It is no wonder few of us can be certain we can ever afford to retire.

We have, in the last five months, had a large tax increase forced upon us in Young County.


This was done rapidly, in less than two months, with organized “yays” spending $30,000+ on advertising, and no corresponding organized “nays.” My “frozen” home taxes will approximately double. Several of us “taxed to death” folks spoke out against through “Letters to the Editor,” and since then, others have realized they will have to sell their homes because of an inability to absorb this additional tax. Within a year or so, property values have also been increased. This equals a tax increase. Water rates have escalated and, at present, a fourth increase via another proposed tax project is in the works. (Remember, we also now have a college tax, as well.) Couple this with the 21 tax increases Obama has put in place, and I question if it's time for a revolution — or at least a refusal! Of course, the cost of health insurance has also risen.

The Graham Public Library now has in its new book section one copy of “America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great” by Ben Carson, M.D., with Candy Carson. I recommend that every home in America own a copy for its members to take to heart. This book should be read by every student in every U.S. history and U.S. government course in all of our schools ( junior high — because of our 30 percent drop out rate), high schools and colleges! We've forgotten, or have never known, who we are!

Of course, the .37½ to .75 (cents) per $100 valuation Hospital District tax which “passed” by 140 votes was implemented with less than 25 percent of eligible voters participating. My humble opinion is that such poor response to a tax issue of this magnitude, forced upon us via a “rushed - special, one-issue called” election, should not be valid. Tax issues especially should require 51 to 67 percent participation so that they are the will of the majority. This election which was crammed down our throats was/is to replace the $4-6 million lost by GRMC by the implementation of Obamacare.

I've attempted to get an accurate, official answer to a report (rumor) that the sale of one's home will be carrying a 3½ percent tax for Obamacare. I telephoned a CPA's office, several Realtors and the IRS regarding this question. After 45 minutes in four different “hold” segments with IRS, I hung up and went back to my job. No one has confirmed to me the truth of this report; neither was it denied.

“Needs” and “wants” are on-going. In a sluggish economy and for “fixed-income citizens,” increased “where with all” is not. There is the need for restraint in government expenditures. Downsides are a part of life. They come through business cycles, storms, accidents, illness, greed and corruption and taxes! Ordinarily, we pick up after ourselves and move on with life. No business (including hospitals) or government entity should be able to “snap their fingers” and extract from others (via taxation) their “losses.”

Carol S. Beck