I am sick and tired of the complete stupidity coming out of Washington, D.C.

Treason, as I understand it, in its simplest form is to give help to the enemy. Everyone, therefore, who voted or participated in giving help or support to the Muslim Brotherhood is guilty of treason. If not, why not? Every one of them from the president on down needs to be impeached and forbidden to ever seek any kind of public office forever. Period.

Whatever help is given to the Muslim world goes to support religion, in particular the Muslim religion. Anyone who thinks that helping the Muslim is anything other than support for that religion might take a second look at the situation. Is it right for America to sacrifice the lives of our young men and women to support the doctrine of Mohammed? The Muslim religion advocates the killing of everyone who would profess in any way a belief in Christianity. The evidence is clear as you see the news in Egypt. Church buildings burnt. Those not following the Koran are persecuted.

Christ is alive and in heaven and will come again to judge the world by the words which he gave and not by the words of anyone else. (John 12:48-50) Mohammed is dead, and his bones lie in the tomb.

Every American soldier who dies in a Muslim war dies in a religious war to promote and protect the Muslim doctrine. This, of course, is never the reason given for going to war, but freedom of religion is never the outcome of such conflict.


Call it what you may, look at the results is freedom of religion guaranteed? No! No! No! Only Muslims have any rights in these countries. Until you have freedom of religion, you can not have democracy as we know it.

Washington has tried to buy friends for years. It never works in private life or in international relationships.

Let me give you an example as to why I think those in Washington, D.C., are thieves. If I go down to the local bank and borrow 10 million dollars, not in my name but in your name, which makes you responsible to pay the debt, did I steal the money or not?

You say the local bank will not do that, and you are right, but the bank that Washington, D.C., goes to has no problem at all doing just that. Washington bureaucrats borrow the money in the taxpayer's name and then give it to people who hate America. Makes terrific sense doesn't it? If you did that, you would go to jail so fast you would not have time to kiss the wife goodbye.

You can not get by with what our elected officials do all the time. We need term limits in all branches, including the Supreme Court. Some stay in power so long they think we work for them rather than the other way around.

Enough said for now.

Dyrel Collins
South Bend