First of all, I would say the whole world realizes the condition our country is in. The Bible tells us that God himself is the one who selects our presidents (Romans 13:1). In reading Judges, we can see God's people turning away from him. He would then raise up a near nation to conquer his people. They then would repent, and God would destroy their enemies. This continued for hundreds of years.

Jesus the Christ is prophesied as to his life and actions many times in the Old Testament. He fulfilled all of them. The reason coming in flesh and blood was to become the sacrifice for mankind's sins. He established this by living a sinless life. One can read of his life by reading Isaiah 53. Jesus' death was brutally horrible. The Jews beat on him; the gentiles scourged him, placed a crown of thorns on his head, took cane sticks and beat him on the crown, driving the thorns into his head. Then he was taken to Golgotha where they took a stake lying on the ground. They took Jesus and made him lie on the stake, raised his arms over his head and drove nails through his wrist to bind him to the stake. They then raised  the stake and Jesus on the stake, sinking it in a hole.

The reason Jesus did this was because of his love for his father and love for his fellow man. Also, his death, as horrible as it was, was to show us the horribleness of our sin. Jesus died for his enemies.

What must we do for Jesus? We must love him. We must keep his commandments.


In Jude 1:3 it tells us the gospel was delivered once and for all. That means it was for the people then and for us today. In Hebrew 13:8-9 it tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. In other words, we are to keep the commandments that are written in the Bible. We have no right to change any of it. To change any of it is to place ourselves in the seat of God. Our country today is doing that. That is why we are today suffering.

Mankind today likes to better what is around us. Mistakenly we also do this to the gospel. Some examples are improving they way to baptize. The gospel plainly shows it is by immersing in water. But man thinks it easier to pour or sprinkle instead of immersing. We can't change the gospel. The gospel plainly states that homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:26-27). Our government says today that is an acceptable lifestyle. Who is right? Our government or Jesus?

According to our lifestyle, our country will not recover until we all turn back to God.

Robert Calcote