Make time to be thankful The November 2013 “Stampede” was outstanding, even better than October’s, which was also insightful. I especially like the attention placed on thankfulness.

Perhaps we could learn something here. When people talk about what makes Graham so unique, I believe one of the main items on their minds is Graham’s overwhelming Christian environment. Because that is such an integral part of the town, I am puzzled about the Christmas decorations that have been up for a while on the town square.

We did wonderful celebrations for Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, which are tied to human conflict, but the city doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, which is about inclusion and God’s bounty. Why must the town rush to the Christmas holidays and omit Thanksgiving? Then there is the theme of the lights.

The focus is on the material and commercial. Does our town have to downplay his gift? Do we really need to follow Walmart’s schedule? I hope next year we can stop for a moment and be thankful. I certainly am.

Tom Gentry