Speak out.

“No law is worth a damn unless it represents the opinion of the people who are going to live by that law, and when the laws those people make are not enforced by the people they chose to carry them out, then the people have the right to take away from their officers the job of enforcing laws.”

Gradually, day by day, the freedom and privileges we have are being taken away by our government. Those who work are being forced to pay for those who don’t.

When the balance shifts because the ones who work can’t keep their own and have to depend more on government, then where is the government going to get all the money it will take to support those who simply give up and start seeking the government’s help?

People who believe should start praying and praying hard that God will restore our nation to freedom of choice. Stop being complacent. Speak out for our freedoms.

Naoma Cline