I looked up the definition of liberty in my Webster‘s dictionary not long ago and was surprised to see that the definition had changed from the definition that our founding fathers had. Liberty now has the same meaning as freedom, but at the time of the War of Independence (Revolutionary War) it had a different definition. Our founding fathers used the definition that John Locke gave, which is the right to keep the fruits of our labor. Think about slavery. A slave can have some freedoms, but what he earns belongs to his master, but a freeman can keep what he earns.

So just how much liberty do we have in the good old U.S.A.? Our founders understood that money buys power and power corrupts, which is why the constitution clearly stated that there was to be no direct taxation. That held until 1913, when the Constitution was amended to establish income tax (which the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional). With income tax, and then 20 years later Social Security, all power was shifted from the states to the federal government. Today the federal government extorts the states into doing what they have no right to force the states to do. When the federal government wanted the states to pass seatbelt laws, they simply said that if a state did not they would lose their highway funding. The same thing happens in education, industry, and many other areas. If you or I were to try this we would be jailed for extortion.

We have become so numb to paying taxes we don’t even think that it was Karl Marx who came up with the idea of a graduated tax system. It is the quickest way to redistribute wealth. Why on earth would an American adopt a communist system of taxation?

I have read that the majority of Americans don’t trust our federal government. How can this be?

Didn’t Abe Lincoln say that we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? l believe that our present “leaders” in Washington D.C. have forgotten that. Most are there to line their pockets and to feel powerful, not to represent their constituents. And they have learned how to buy votes with other people’s money, insuring their re-election time after time.

I will leave you with three points. First, the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that if you were a slave and could gain your freedom you should. Secondly, Sam Adams stated that it doesn’t take a majority to bring about change, but an energetic minority willing to set brush fires of freedom in the minds of men. And last, Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that when a government becomes abusive of its citizens, it is their right and their duty to throw off the bonds that tie them and to form a new government that will secure the blessings of liberty.

Tom Williams,