After a timeout and a Mineral Wells made free throw late in the fourth quarter of the Lady Blues' Tuesday, Dec. 10 night game, the Blues were left with merely seven seconds to overcome a three-point deficit.

Guard Madison Farmer took off down the right side of the court while Candice Martin brought the ball up.

Farmer ran underneath the basket, popping up on the left corner beyond the three-point line.

Martin passed to Farmer as she was squaring up to the basket, and Farmer drained the three-point shot to ignite the crowd, tie the game, and send it into overtime.


Unfortunately for the Blues, Farmer, their most effective scorer fouled out in overtime play and the hope of getting the hard-fought win melted as a blocked last-second attempt from freshman Emily Davis hit the floor of the Graham High School gym and the Lady Rams won 55-52.

It was the kind of loss that can eat at a competitor.

The kind that is fought for and is right in front of you, but ultimately stolen in the waning minutes.

It is also the kind of loss that the Blues must put behind them as they prepare for the homestretch before district.

The Blues have two tournaments and two individual games before the end of the month that will be crucial from an improvement and confidence standpoint.

District play will begin for the Blues on Tuesday, Dec. 7, against the Iowa Park Hawks and from now until that game, the Blues must focus on playing intense basketball for four quarters every game.

“We looked lackadaisical defensively so I moved them from a zone to a man defense to try to get them to wake up a little bit,” Blues head coach Lindsay Griffin said.

The change worked to some extent as the Blues found a way to pick up 11 steals.

Other than Farmer's fantastic three-pointer, the other surprise of the game was the play of Rylee Zimmer who led the team with 18 points and pulled in four offensive rebounds to keep possessions alive for Graham.

Much of Zimmer's game occurs from the free throw line in, and she showed that she can be a very effective jump shooter when she is open in that range.

As a team the Blues were great from the field and from the free throw line, shooting 50 percent from the field and making six of their seven free throws, but the three-point shooting was simply bad and the Blues could never find their rhythm making only four out of 17 long attempts.

The Blues are playing in the Poolville Tournament this weekend and will follow that up with a game against Bridgeport at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17, at the Graham High School gym.

The JV will play at 5 p.m. and the freshmen will play at 8 p.m.