The Graham Steers are tired of being pushed around.

After waiting for experienced veterans such as Bryce Reeves to return from football, the Steers just haven’t been able to find any chemistry as a team.

That is why coach Marcus Morris took matters into his own hands after a devastating 1-3 showing at the Bridgeport Tournament in which the Steers looked sloppy, error-ridden and careless. 

With only a week before the beginning of district play, Morris set up two-a-day practices for his team.


“We’re six or more weeks behind most teams, so if we have some time available, we’re going to practice,” Morris said.

The regiment has been heavy with more strenuous workouts early in the day, before a more “relaxed” afternoon practice, and it looks as though sharing in each others’ pain is bringing players closer to one another. 

“They’re responding like you would expect kids to respond,” Morris said. “Sometimes they’re excited about it, sometimes they aren’t. We’ve had some leaders step up and push those who aren’t excited about it. The leaders are the ones who have been here before and know that practice is necessary if we want to be as good as we possibly can. Those that don’t have as much experience are figuring it out.”

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