Though he’s currently running track for GHS, Landon Gonzales’ favorite sport by a long shot is football, and his competitive spirit extends farther out to baseball and basketball.

He has his dad, his brothers and former step-father to thank for that. All of them encouraged him to play and watch sports from the time he was very young, and that translated into a lifelong love of competition.

As a kid, Gonzales played football, basketball and baseball with his two older brothers, Aaron and Dillon. The boys filled the streets with pick-up games against neighborhood kids, and it was usually oldest brother Dillon dictating the sport they played.

Back then, Gonzalez did his best to keep up with his brothers, and in large part credits the challenge as helping him become the athlete he is today.

“My oldest brother Aaron would always get me and Dillon to play whichever sport it was no matter what day it was,” he related. “As a young boy I looked up to my two brothers because of the intensity and competitiveness they had at everything they did.”

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