Many places identify spring with the blooming of flowers or the chirp of a song bird, but in Graham, spring is also signified by the plop of lures hitting the water, cast by young anglers at Fireman’s Memorial Park.

In preparation for this rush of fishermen, Jim Helvey, Parks Superintendent for the City of Graham, added another 2,000 blue gill and red ear sunfish to the fishing pond at Firemen’s Memorial Park on Wednesday, March 19.

These fish join the 1,600 catfish and 3,000 sunfish stocked last year by the City. The additional fish were funded by the Graham Rotary and Lions Clubs, as well as through private donations.

Helvey said that there should still be around 1,000 catfish in the two pound or better class in the pond, and sunfish in the pond probably number in excess of 4,000.

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