Milestones in capital punishment in Texas:

1819 George Brown is first person executed in Texas, by hanging.

1863 Chipita Rodriguez is first woman executed in Texas, by hanging.

1923 Lee Nathan becomes the last of 394 people executed by hanging.

1924 Charles Reynolds becomes first inmate to die in the electric chair in Huntsville as state takes over executions.

1963 Joseph Johnson is the last of 361 Texas prisoners to die in the electric chair.

1972 U.S. Supreme Court finds death penalty "cruel and unusual;" death sentences of 52 people in Texas are commuted to life in prison.

1976 U.S. Supreme Court holds Georgia death penalty statute constitutional, setting stage for resumption of executions.

1977 Texas adopts lethal injection method.

1982 Texas inmate Charlie Brooks becomes first in U.S. to receive lethal injection.

1998 Karla Tucker becomes first woman executed in Texas since Civil War.

2000 Texas executes a record 40 prisoners in one year.

2013 Texas executes Kimberly McCarthy, number 500 by lethal injection.


Sources: Texas Department of Criminal Justice, "Espy File" database compiled by historians M. Watt Espy and John Ortiz Smykla.