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    Graham Regional Medical Center CEO Shane Kernell speaks Friday to the community during a livestream on COVID-19. Kernell is shown with Local Health Authority Dr. Pat Martin. (Leader photo by Thomas Wallner)

Area leaders speak on state COVID-19 updates, safety

Three city leaders met last Friday to continue updating the community on the developments of COVID-19 and to address local questions. The leaders spoke to the community on the continued efforts which they said should be made to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and those being made at the state level.

Young County Local Health Authority Dr. Pat Martin, was joined by Graham Regional Medical Center CEO Shane Kernell and Graham City Manager Brandon Anderson. Dr. Martin touched on the fact that last Thursday Texas hospitals had over 4,700 admissions as they continue to increase across the state. He said locally it is partially up to the individuals to help slow the spread.

“A lot of this is about personal responsibility and common sense and it is very important for all Young County residents to take personal responsibility,” Dr. Martin said. “You need to assume that everyone you are having contact with could be in the process of getting sick, so hopefully no one is going out knowing that they are sick right now, but there could be people that have been exposed and don’t know they have been exposed and they may be in the process of getting sick. They may not feel bad, but you go meet them, hang out with them, share something with them and you may get sick.”

Dr. Martin said to avoid close contact with those outside and sharing items such as pens, papers and phones. He advised the community to bring their own pen instead of borrowing one for signing a receipt. He said if a pen is borrowed from a location to wash your hands after using the paper or use hand sanitizer. He stressed hand sanitizer should be used frequently and whenever available and while out in public to wear a mask for others and to prevent yourself from touching your face.

For the rest of the story, see the July 1 edition of The Graham Leader.

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