Federal unemployment payments ending July 25

This week marks the final week of the federal $600 unemployment benefits from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program and the CARES Act. Based on the Texas Workforce Commission’s contract with the US Department of Labor, FPUC is available for the week ending April 04, 2020, through the week ending July 25, 2020.

TWC was responsible for overseeing payments. Only Congress can extend or make changes. The July 25 deadline was set by federal law and is out of the jurisdiction of TWC.

The reason that the last payable week for FPUC is the week ending July 25 and not July 31 is by law, TWC cannot pay partial week benefits. A full benefit week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. July 31 is a Friday, and as a result, the last payable week for July is the week ending July 25 because it is a Saturday.

For people that were eligible to receive FPUC for all 17 weeks, the amount of benefits paid adds up to approximately $10,200. While the state has triggered additional benefits, including an additional 13 weeks of benefits through State Extended Benefits (EB) and an additional seven weeks of benefits through the High Unemployment Period (HUP), a person on regular unemployment benefits could potentially receive up to 59 weeks of benefits. The average weekly benefit payments for regular unemployment is $349 per week. The total for that 59-week period is approximately $20,591.

For more information on unemployment insurance services, visit twc.texas.gov.

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