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GISD releases at-home learning grading guidelines

In a ParentSquare message sent out Thursday morning, Graham ISD outlined the grading guidelines for at-home learning, which includes separate guidelines for the elementary schools, junior high and high school.

Sonny Cruse, GISD Superintendent, wrote about the collaboration of the staff to make sure students are receiving input from their completed assignments.

“As you are aware, the COVID-10 pandemic has caused a multitude of changes in the delivery of education for your students,” Cruse wrote. “This will also affect the way grades will be addressed. Our campus leadership teams have been in collaboration regarding this topic.”

In three separate documents, GISD presented how students, Pre-K to 12th grade, would be assessed on their work.

All GISD students will receive grades for work completed prior to Spring Break, March 12, in the 5th six weeks grading period. All assignments completed after March 30 will be included in the 6th six weeks grading period.

The following guidelines will be for assignments after March 30.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students will continue to receive grades based on current standards and skill-based grading procedures.

“While schools are closed due to COVID-19 it will be important to continue to communicate with parents regarding student progress while acknowledging learning conditions have changed,” the guidelines stated. “This grading policy is designed to ensure grades are representative of overall student understanding while extending grace to parents and students in this situation.”

For 1st through 5th grade students, assignments will be graded on a Pass/Incomplete guideline.

According to the guidelines, in order for students to receive a pass, they must “submit work either in written or electronic format, demonstrate effort and understanding of content to teacher specifications and demonstrate progress in understanding.”

Students that are unable to complete assignments on or before May 13 will receive an incomplete grade. This includes “students that did not pick up a packet and/or did not login to start the assignments online, students who did not complete and turn in any assignments, and  those students who have incomplete work or work that does not meet assignment specification despite several attempts at contact from the teacher/principal.”

Graham Junior High School teachers will collect 1-2 grades per week from students. These grading guidelines state that teachers might consider the following grading practice.

“Teachers ​might​ consider the following grading practice: Award a grade of 100 for each completed assignment. Then, grade the assignment for accuracy and average the 2 grades together. For example, a student completes your assignment (100) and scores a 40% on accuracy. (100+40)/2=70). 70  is recorded in your grade book for the assignment,” the guidelines read. “Teachers may award participation grades at their discretion.”

All grades for Graham Junior High School students will be recorded as daily grades in the gradebook, with teachers entering zeros for all missing assignments. There will be no final exams for the Spring Semester.
In the ParentSquare message, it states that elementary and junior high students will not be penalized for late work.

For Graham High School students, their guidelines are similar to those at the junior high level, with teachers collecting a minimum of 1-2 grades per week. All grades will be recorded as daily grades in the gradebook, and participation grades at their discretion. Teachers will enter a zero for all missing assignments.

There will be no final exams for the Spring Semester. The second semester average will be calculated by dividing the sum of the 4th, 5th and 6th six weeks by 3.

All GISD students will receive feedback from the teacher for all assignments turned in, with virtual office hours available. Students who do not have internet access at home can receive assistance through email or phone. Students who need support (tutoring/reteaching) will communicate with their teacher to schedule a support session via phone or online platform.

All information related to at-home learning can be found on the district website under the COVID-19 tab.

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