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Humane Society shutting its doors

The Humane Society of Young County announced Thursday it would begin the process of closing its doors with last day for employees being Sept. 7.

Rhonda Bone, The president of the Humane Society, said they simply did not have enough funding to continue running its operation despite cutting expenses to a bare minimum and they have been struggling for awhile.

“Ever since I have known it has always been going down in a hole, down in a hole, down in a hole and then we will have someone come in and make a $5,000 donation and it will give us a little reprieve but then it just starts going back down again.” Bone said. “It is a non-profit it is a constant battle being a non-profit.”

Bone said if money could be raised by the community they would stay open as long as possible but it currently runs the shelter about $15,000 a month and $180,000 a year to operate. Pay for employees currently costs about $3,000 a week and the shelter has $3,000 a month in bills.

“We have been doing that (holding fundraisers) all along and we get $100 to $200 and that is about it,” Bone said. “ It is not sustainable as it is.  We have applied for grants and have been turned down for all that grants that we applied for.”

All animals currently at the humane society will be moved to other shelters and rescues with a shelter in Wichita Falls already agreeing to take 17 animals said Bone.

A Facebook post by the Humane Society claimed if 1,500 people donated $10 they could stay open for a month. The request for donation has raised $290 so far. The Society also accepts donations on its website.

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