Graford ISD Trustees accept budget

At a regular meeting on Thursday, June 30, Trustees of the Graford Independent School District approved the 2016-17 budget as presented by Mischelle Davis, GISD’s Business Director.

“It is basically the same budget that was presented on May 12 with a few minor changes; it’s still a balanced budget,” Davis reported. “The revenue for the general fund is $10,349,464; the food service revenue is $162,000 and the debt service is $769,500; for a total of $11,280,964. We have not changed any part of revenue.”

She asked if there were any questions and then went on to talk about expenditures, explaining how some of the money was ‘recaptured’; they call it ‘contracted construction’ because they send the money to the state and they issue it to the schools for construction purposes.

“The expenditures, we changed it a little bit - about $7,500 to food service over from the general fund so there is less of a deficit in food service,”Davis continued.  “We have a $61,000 positive number in the general fund and $61,000 debt in food service, and then the debt service is in balance and the total overall is in balance. The total budget is $11,280,964.” 

She talked about the local funds, adding that there was $17,800 in the capital projects fund left from the bond money, but that most likely it would be used within the first couple of months of the new fiscal year they would finish using that; and, the technology fund has $370 left in it, from the students paying money to use the Kindles or Chromebooks last year, but she added they are not going to continue to collect to use those items any more. She said both of those things are negative, but both of those things have their own fund balance.

Davis said the last page of the budget was just for information, showing that they must follow Federal guidelines and the Federal funds used for construction: $66,415 used for Title 1 and $16,700 in Title 2.

“I didn’t put anything here on the tax rate because we’re not adopting it tonight; you set the proposed rate at the previous meeting, that is what is drives this budget right here,” Davis concluded. “If you approve this budget we will open it and start it July 1, tomorrow.”

The motion was made by Eddie Laney and approved by Jeff Lemley and the budget for 2016-17 was accepted by the board.

The board also discussed and approved budget amendments for 2015-16.

In the absence of the Elementary and High School principals, the Athletic Director and the Maintenance Director who generally give district reports, they had sent in the last of the year’s report to Superintendent Dennis Holt who commented that he was not real pleased with a 96 percent attendance rate overall for the students during 2015-16. He said he felt it could have been much better.

Holt also said Graford is still searching for a Head Girl’s Basketball Coach, ideally someone with between four and eight years of experience.

He gave an updated report on the district, saying he was quite pleased with the way the overall construction projects at the school had been completed to finish things at the athletic complex and that they had finally received the new Blue Bird route bus costing $86,796, which was $13,000 under budget, having budgeted $100,000.

Holt said there were 713 meals given away during Graford’s summer feeding program, which ended last week.





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