• Photo by Mary Richardson
    Graford second-grader Ethan Gray gives his principal, Wes Corzine, seated, a pie in the face during a special assembly last week. Coach John Newton, on the right, laughs as Ethan twists the pie into Corzine’s face. Ethan sold the most items in a recent fundraiser.

Graford principal gets messy for fundraiser

In an assembly last week, Graford Elementary Principal Wes Corzine kept the promise he made during a recent fundraiser.

“First of all, I accepted the challenge of swallowing a live goldfish, if students exceeded a goal of $8,000 in sales from the Big Kahuna Fundraiser, which you did,” Corzine said. “You sold about $8,900 worth of items. And, I would just like to say that I am very proud of you all for your efforts.

“Secondly, I promised that whomever sold the most items would get to throw a pie in my face,” he continued. “That student is Ethan Gray, from McKaylee Pittman’s second-grade class, who sold 34 items.”

Additionally, students who had perfect attendance for the past six weeks had a chance to participate in a “Jump for George” contest.

One hundred $1 bills were stapled together end to end and laid out on the stage floor. Students were chosen randomly to go up on the stage and jump as far as they could along the strip of bills.

Reece Cook received $12; Brody Anderson, also got $12; Isahiah Wells got $10; Jayce Houser, $12; Andrew Gillispie, $13; Ridge Newton, $12; Jacob Lightner, $13; Dyana Cervantes, $10; and Anngelia Davis got the remaining $6.

The stage curtain was then opened and behind it was a table with a bowl containing a goldfish and a chair beside it. Corzine proceeded to capture the goldfish from the bowl and holding it high in the air, he showed the audience the goldfish and “1, 2, 3,” swallowed it down with a few drinks of water. Opening his mouth, he showed the crowd he had accomplished the feat, and they burst into cheers.

He then called for Ethan Gray to come up on the stage and in the meantime, he grabbed a trash bag with a slit in the top of it and put it over his head. He handed the pie to Ethan, donned a pair of goggles and sat back down in the chair. Ethan smiled as he pushed the pie into Corzine’s face and turned the pan from side to side, twisting the meringue all over. The crowd went wild with laughter.

Corzine stood up afterward and, as he removed the goggles and was wiping the pie from his face, he jokingly said he thought that he might just have gotten a broken nose. However, when it was all said and done, he smiled and told the students once again how proud he was of all of them.   




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