Barry Smith with his 12.18-pound black bass, caught at Possum Kingdom Lake on Sept. 11. After being weighed and measured, the bass was released back into the lake. Courtesy photo

Smith has a real day to remember.

Barry Smith has been fishing Possum Kingdom Lake for more than 50 years, but Sept. 11, 2016 is a date that will remain with him always.
Barry, fishing alone, caught the fish of a lifetime, a 12.18-pound black bass. Barry had the fish weighed by John McCracken, a former weigh master of the Hells Gate Bass Club, on their calibrated and certified scales to verify the weight.
The “fish was longer than the measuring board,” Barry said with excitement in a phone interview. “The fish was caught on a worm out of a brush pile in the mid-lake area and you have to wear your lucky shorts, the ones with the tear along the hem.”
Had the fish been caught Saturday, Sept. 17, during the Hells Gate Bass Club’s monthly tournament or Saturday, Sept. 24, during the HGBC’s Open 2 Man Tournament, the catch would have been worth big bucks, but isn’t that just a fisherman’s luck to be a day early or a day late?
After weighing and measuring, the fish was released unharmed back into P.K. at a secret location, to grow a little more and perhaps give another angler his “Day to Remember.”

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