• Members of the First United Methodist Church of Newcastle’s mission team, l-r, Cody Lowe, Jeb Owens and Shot Lowe, take part in a four-day trip to repair flood-damaged homes in Taylor.
  • Shown helping repair flood-damaged homes in Taylor are, clockwise from top,  Kelsey Shields, Jeb Owens, Mackenzie Lowe and Matthew Lowe, of First United Methodist Church of Newcastle.
  • Terry Crain, United Methodist Committee on Relief construction manager, is presented with a new nail gun by Rev. Michael Cyr, pastor of First United Methodist Church of Newcastle.
  • The mission team from First United Methodist Church of Newcastle gathered for a group photo. They are, l-r, front row: Mackenzie Lowe, Melanie Lowe, Cody Lowe, Phyllis Lowe, Jeb Owens, Kelsey Shields and Jonathan Rogers; back row: Kenneth Lowe, Matthew Lowe, Kerry Lowe, Rev. Michael Cyr, Shot Lowe and Jackie Jordan.

Newcastle volunteers help flood victims

The First United Methodist Church of Newcastle sent a group of 13 to Taylor for a mid-July, four-day mission trip, joining the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to repair homes damaged during Memorial Day flooding in 2015. The group, comprised of four women and nine men, was able to exceed UMCOR’s expectations as well as their own by completely repairing and finishing the roofs on two houses. This brought comfort to the homeowners who have struggled for the last year trying to get the repairs completed. “I didn’t know what to expect in moving to Newcastle,” said Rev. Michael Cyr, the new pastor of FUMC Newcastle, who started on July 1, “but these guys and gals have surprised me in every way. Not only are they very loving and giving, but they are some the hardest working individuals I’ve ever seen.” After the work was done, one of the UMCOR full-time volunteers emailed this to his coordinator: “During your future canvassing for volunteer teams, see if you're able to find more Methodist churches in farming communities. These farming families aren't afraid of hard work. Also, they just get ‘warmed up’ at 100 degrees! The ladies all work shoulder-to-shoulder with the guys. None of that sissy support stuff here.” In addition to labor and skill, FUMC Newcastle also made a donation for future materials and purchased UMCOR a new nail gun to assist other teams. “We were truly blessed by them in every way,” said Terry Crain, UMCOR’s construction manager for that region. “My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them. May God bless them and all they do.” If you would like to donate or help out in any way, please contact Rev. Michael Cyr at the FUMC Newcastle.

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