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’Tis the season to be wary: GPD investigating five vehicle burglaries

Five vehicle burglaries were reported Wednesday morning on Rolling Hills Drive as well as  Calaveras, Roanoke and Pearl Streets in Graham. Graham Police Department Chief Brent Bullock wrote Thursday that the department is investigating the incidents within the city.

According to GPD, each victim in the five-car burglary reported the vehicle was gone through by an individual, or individuals, with no missing items. Chief Bullock said the department obtained two sets of security footage at one location where they believe the suspect, or suspects, were captured on video. The department also received a report from a witness stating a tall, slender, young male was seen inside their vehicle.

“We are still investigating these crimes and evidence is still being processed. We would ask everyone to lock their car doors, regardless of where their car is parked or what season it is.  Criminals are lazy and will not work for what they want,” Bullock wrote in a press release.

Bullock said the department has interviewed a suspect who admitted they walked down the street and checked vehicles to see if the doors were unlocked. If the vehicle was locked, they would move to another vehicle to check that vehicle.

“If the car was unlocked, they would go through the vehicle to see what they could find to steal,” Bullock wrote. “We do not work many cases where a car window was broken out to gain entry into a vehicle, so please lock your car doors.”

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