• Irma Burrow (right) celebrates her 105th birthday on Saturday, March 16 in Greenville. She is pictured with her friend Mary Faye Orr. (Contributed photo)

“I’m 105 and still alive”

Former Grahamite Irma Burrow celebrates birthday

Thanks to a Dr Pepper a day, Irma Burrow celebrated her 105th birthday on Saturday, March 16 in Greenville.

Burrow said she originally moved to Bryson from Washington state before she was in school in the 1920s. However, for most of her childhood she split time between Texas and Washington, because her father worked for the railroad companies in Washington and enjoyed the farming in Texas.

“They made four trips back and forth, they would stay here awhile and then move back to Washington state,” her daughter Rolene said. “She ended up marrying my dad (Roland Barnet) in Texas in 1934. She had lived in the Loving community for about four or five years before that.”

For the rest of the story see the Wednesday, March 20 edition of The Graham Leader.

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