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County, city of Olney agreement terminated

On Feb. 25, the city of Olney sent notice to Young County of their intent to terminate an interlocal agreement, which placed a Young County Sheriff’s Office deputy in Olney during his regular shift.

The agreement, which was put into place in August 2018, will come to end after the last shift has been served on March 31. The agreement was necessary because Olney Police Department was left with one full-time officer as they were rebuilding from a sexual harassment scandal involving Acting Police Chief Robert Michael Cross in March 2018.

“We didn’t have enough police officers to patrol the streets around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year,” Olney City Administrator Neal Welch said. “We have since that time employed additional officers and have enough police officers now to patrol the streets. So, we no longer need the Sheriff’s Office providing that service on the weekends and evenings like we did before.”

Welch added they are now employing five officers and the new Police Chief Conny Clay as well as another officer in the academy.

For the rest of the story see the Wednesday, March 13 edition of The Graham Leader.

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