County nearer to cloud-based system

Young County commissioners were given an update from Net Data last Monday, Jan. 9, that the migration of their servers to the cloud would begin within the 2017 calendar year.
Commissioners met with the vice president of Net Data, Scott Stahl, Net Data CIO Dustin Ballard and county information technology specialist Kerry Hancock, to discuss the delays.
Net Data has always had the ability to upgrade the county to the cloud since day one, but Stahl said the county has struggled to make all their facilities cloud-ready.
“One issue is the ball was really in Young County’s court for many many months,” Stahl said. “There were some infrastructure issues and things like that that had to be resolved … fiber optic and things like that.”
The county’s contract with Net Data spans back to December 2015 and since then, the county has installed all the necessary features it needed to become almost entirely cloud based. Hancock was signed on for a one-year contract on July 11, 2016. Upon taking over, he began moving the county forward again to a cloud-based system, which was a project started by former county IT specialist Eric Steadham.

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