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Off-duty Sheriff’s Sergeant rescues dogs left behind

Off-duty Young County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Dan Birbeck rescued two dogs off the side of Hwy. 16 on the evening of Monday, Jan. 28.

Birbeck, who joined the force full-time in October, said the department had recovered two dogs, which were the same breed, over the Jan. 25 weekend. They also received calls about the other two dogs but were unable to locate them. On Jan. 28, Birbeck said his wife was returning from Wichita Falls when she believed she spotted the dogs.

“I’m like alright well they got to be in really bad shape so, I went ahead and got out of the house and went up there and searched Highway 16 until I found them. They were sitting there squabbling over a dead deer,” Birbeck said. “We were able to get one pretty easily (…) and the other one took off out into the field. We finally got it found and it was scared, barking and growling at us and everything. We were finally able get it in a leash and we were trying to walk him back to the car and he didn’t have energy anymore and he just collapsed. At that point I just picked him up and carried him.”

Birbeck said he went out there on his day off because it was the “right thing to do.” He said after seeing the previous two dogs he did not think the dogs would be able to survive with a cold front getting ready to hit.

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