GHS students take spots in Coyote Area Math Championship

Graham High School students did well in calculus at a recent math championship, taking second place as a team and three top-10 positions in individual competition.
Fourteen area high schools, including Graham, participated in Weatherford College’s 15th annual Coyote Area Math Championship on Friday, Feb. 3.
Guest speaker Matthew Wright, a research scientist from Lockheed Martin’s Stealth Technology Department, spoke to the participants about the application of mathematics in his profession, including his research in radar technology and the application of complex numbers in engineering. He also shared photos and videos of the F-35 and other Lockheed projects.
The competition part of the day has students compete as individuals and teams in pre-calculus and calculus tests.
Plains Capital Bank in Weatherford was the event sponsor.

Winners of the championship are:
Team Results
1st Place: Trinity Christian Academy – Rachel Hollingsworth, Ethan Plevak, Emily Rose Sherman
2nd Place: Graham High School – Josh McBride, Will Walton, Hudson Peavy, Smith Graham
3rd Place: Stephenville High School – Giselle Bauer, Laura Waldren, Cade Lemons, Nick McLatchy
1st Place: Mineral Wells High School – Brandon Wallace, Noah Kuhn, K’Yondric Cotton, Krista Burns
2nd Place: Weatherford High School – Lauren White, Shannon Elliott, Mason Christiansen, Gregory Smith
3rd Place: Azle High School – Ainsley Boyer, Jennifer Wang, Marlee Mazza, Kelly Jo Thetford

Individual Results
1st Place: Smith Graham – Graham High School
2nd Place: Ethan Plevak – Trinity Christian Academy
3rd Place: Nick McLatchy – Stephenville High School
4th Place: Jack Harrison – Abilene Christian
5th Place: Rachel Hollingsworth – Trinity Christian Academy
6th Place: Matthew Willis – Glen Rose High School
7th Place: Emily Rose Sherman – Trinity Christian Academy
8th Place: Giselle Bauer – Stephenville High School
9th Place: Will Walton – Graham High School
10th Place: Hudson Peavy – Graham High School

1st Place: Noah Kuhn – Mineral Wells High School
2nd Place: Jennifer Wang – Azle High School
3rd Place: Mason Christiansen – Weatherford High School
4th Place: Hally Shi – Abilene Christian
5th Place: Calvin Jones – Stephenville High School
6th Place: Thomas White – Peaster High School
7th Place: Audrey Worthan – Trinity Christian Academy
8th Place: Aurthur Hao – Abilene Christian
9th Place: Gregory Smith – Weatherford High School
10th Place: Hannah Baker – Trinity Christian Academy

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