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Graham Farmers Market opens for third season

The Graham Farmers Market may have seen a delay to their season, but they opened Saturday with a large crowd and a wide variety of vendors providing goods, even with precautions and regulation in place due to the novel coronavirus.

Graham Farmers Market was scheduled to open May 2, but because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the board decided to delay the start until Saturday, May 16. With the opening of the market, Philip Gough, President of the Graham Farmers Market Board of Directors, said in a Facebook Live video hosted by the Graham Chamber of Commerce, that they opened for whomever would like to come, but they understand the safety side of this.

“That’s the first thing we did, we delayed the opening by two weeks,” Gough said. “There was a lot of conversation that went into that. We thought about waiting until June, but I think the overall feel in this community, especially with us being in an outdoor location, we’re open air, being essential (...) we just felt like let’s go ahead and get going, let’s get the products out there (...) let’s provide something for the community so if they want to get out of their house and get out and know they can come they can. If you don’t feel comfortable with that we totally understand. We want to respect everyone’s health and the steps they’re taking to stay healthy.”

For the full story, see the Wednesday, May 20 edition of The Graham Leader.

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