Liability concern causes pause in Salt Creek Park project

Back in October 2017, progress was being made on the Salt Creek Park project with a contract that took the Army Corps of Engineers out of the picture, but contractual problems have halted the project again, Mayor Jack Graham said at Thursday’s city council meeting.

The Salt Creek Park project is one that started in the late 1990s and over the years has had many delays from the Brazos River Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers who were involved in the project to turn the floodplain along Salt Creek into a park for the city of Graham. A new problem has arisen in the new contract with the city and the BRA, an item which Graham said is asking too much of the city.

“The main thing I would say we have a problem with is, they want us to absolve them from any liability for anything flooding-wise that could happen pretty much throughout our city, which I have a problem signing because this is a deal that specifically deals with those tracks down there by the floodplain,” he said.

Graham said that included in the document would be removing the liability of flooding for the waste disposal plant and the entire city of Graham. City Manager Brandon Anderson said there are still discussions being held between the city attorney and the BRA regarding the contract.

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