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    The 90th Judicial Assistant District Attorney Phillip Gregory speaks to a group of five entities on Wednesday discussing the bond supervisor position. Shown at left is Graham Police Department Chief Brent Bullock who was at the meeting with Graham City Manager Brandon Anderson. (Leader photo by Thomas Wallner)

Local entities discuss bond supervisor position

Four area entities in the 90th Judicial District were present Wednesday in Graham for a meeting with the city of Graham which has concerns regarding the interlocal agreement for the bond supervisor. The supervisor position held by Cliff Blackstock is a city of Graham position and through the agreement serves over Young and Stephens Counties as well as the cities of Graham, Olney and Breckenridge.

The bond supervisor oversees bond stipulations placed on individuals who are charged with a crime such as those involving drug testing, ankle monitors and more.

Graham City Manager Brandon Anderson began the discussion and said the city hires the bond supervisor position as a full time employee while taking on the employee liability. He said the city also takes in the revenue for the position, but that revenue has been less than anticipated when the interlocal agreement was accepted in 2014.

“The city of Graham still has some financial concerns and that’s what it’s boiling down to right now is the fact that I’m doing my job and accountable from a financial side and when this was first initiated, the expectation of revenue was about $60,000. We are taking in about half that and what’s happening then is the percentages that each of the entities are paying right now covers, you know, the highest percentage the county has reached is paying 16.8, Breckenridge is paying 16.8 and Olney is paying 8.4.”

In the second 2020-2021 budget meeting for the city of Graham, Anderson said the breakdown of the supervisor position was Graham paying 41%, or a maximum of $24,500, Olney paying 8.4%, or a maximum of $5,000 and Breckenridge, Young and Stephens Counties paying 16.8%, or a maximum of $10,000. Anderson said as far as the city is concerned they want what all the entities pay to be equitable.

For the rest of the story, see the Aug. 8 edition of The Graham Leader.

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