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    Following a series of storms that produced seven tornadoes, the National Weather Service released its findings from its damage survey for March 18. Tornadoes touched down in the Young County towns of South Bend (pictured) and Graham. (Leader photo by Mike Williams)

National Weather Service releases storm survey

Storm surveys were conducted by the National Weather Service for the storms that blew through Stephens, Young, Jack and Wise counties on March 18 into early March 19 have been completed. A total of seven tornadoes have were surveyed: one in Stephens County, two in Young County, two in Jack County and two in Wise County.

The first tornado touched down as an EF0 at 8:56 p.m. in southeast Jacksboro in Jack county. The estimated peak wind was 80 mph. The tornado was 55 yards wide and traveled 1.82 miles until 9:05 p.m.

“The storm also produced two additional areas of straight line wind damage in the county,” said the NWS in a release. “The tornado started northeast of US-281 in an open field and damaged several low-topped tree limbs. The tornado then crossed over a ridge and onto Dos Equis Ranch Road where it blew a manufactured building off its blocks. The building was secured with up-to-date straps. The tornado then continued northeast before lifting shortly after passing Dos Equis Ranch Road.”

The second tornado, an EF0, hit Breckenridge, in Stephens County, at 9:04 p.m. Winds reached a high of 65 mph in the tornadoes and traveled 1.53 miles into Woodson. The tornado lasted six minutes.

“A severe thunderstorm developed in Shackelford County, then moved northeast into western Stephens County,” the release said. “The storm crossed Hubbard Creek Reservoir before gaining additional rotation evident on radar. As the storm moved into northern Stephens County, a tornado developed near Crystal Falls.”

A tornado struck the Lake Bridgeport area and traveled into Chico, beginning at 9:20 on March 18. The tornado had a width of 575 yards and traveled 4.05 miles. The EF1 had an estimated peak wind of 110 mph.

“A tornado began in western Wise Co near El Lago Road and Private Road 1732,” the release said. “The tornado damaged trees and two mobile homes in the early part of the track. The most significant damage occurred to property along Moonlight Bay Drive. Dozens of trees were uprooted, snapped or damaged in a wide swath. The roof was partially torn off of one house when the winds entered the garage and tore off the roof over the garage. The tornado then moved over Lake Bridgeport continuing to the northeast. It damaged more trees on the northeast side of the lake between the lake shore and County Road 2952. It did cross CR 2952 but its dissipation point could not be determined as it moved into unreachable land on the east side of the road.”

A second EF1 tornado struck, this time in Young county at 9:24 p.m. The winds were estimated to reach 110 mph and had a width of 375 yards. It traveled 5.19 miles through southwest Graham until 9:36 p.m.

“A tornado developed near the South Bend region, where damage occurred to several homes and businesses. The tornado continued moving northeast, paralleling Hwy 67 toward Graham. The tornado then veered slightly to the east as it approached Sidney Mountain, crossing Hwy 67 just south of Rosser Ranch Rd. The tornado struck multiple homes along Rosser Ranch Rd, leaving behind a swath of damage before moving over open fields again. The tornado continued moving east causing damage to one additional structure along state Hwy 16. Further east, the damage along Canyon Road did not exhibit tornadic origins. Rather, it was likely caused by the storm’s rear flank downdraft.”

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