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Lee Boyd shows off a lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) map to members of the Rotary Club of Graham after the meeting. The map had a trail which the Graham Parks and Recreation Board is looking into adding. Shown from left to right are Boyd (front), DC Adams, Ben Disney, Zack Burkett, III (front), and Paul McQuerry.
Leader photo by Thomas Wallner

Parks board gives park update, reapplying for TPWD grants

The chairman of the Graham Parks and Recreation board spoke with the Rotary Club of Graham Tuesday about the future of the new park and upcoming projects. Chairman Lee Boyd confirmed the city did not receive a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife, but are working to make sure the city is next in line for the grant award.

The city was attempting to apply for their first application to TPWD which would cover the first phase of their three-phase plan. The city set aside $1.2 million received from the Brazos River Authority for parks improvement projects in June 2018 with the hopes to use that funding on the first two phases of the project. Boyd said despite the city not receiving the grant they did receive a detailed list of deficiencies from TPWD in relation to the grant that they needed to complete in order to reapply. Boyd enlisted Clark Miracle and Laura Taylor to work with the engineering firm Jacob & Martin to resubmit the application.

“I think we are in really good shape this year. I don’t think we will have any trouble getting the grant next year,” Boyd said. “I think roughly a third of the applicants last year were awarded grants and we were in the top of the bottom third and I think based on their scoring and stuff and the deficiencies we have all brought up to their standards, I think we will be in good shape to get that money. So it is worthwhile that we decided to wait to get the grant before we spend the money. If you spend the money then you don’t have the matching funds.”

For the rest of the story, see the Nov. 7 edition of The Graham Leader.

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