• Kids at Crestview Elementary swing on 16 sets of swings recently added to the playground. The project was funded by the school’s PTO.

PTO buys new swings for Crestview

Crestview Elementary PTO recently funded a project to add 16 swings to the campus playground, and according to PTO President Dana Joy and school principal Travis Armstrong, they have bigger plans to make the playground more accessible for handicapped students. 

The school has two playgrounds, one of which is almost 25 years old and is in a state of disrepair, according to Armstrong, who said some parts are not even available to replace anymore. 

“We have a really efficient maintenance department who’s been a big help, but what they ran into is that the equipment is so old they can’t find the manufacturer who can’t find the parts to replace it,” Armstrong said.

Seeing the need for new playground equipment, the school and PTO came together and decided that, along with the swings, if they were going to ask for funding in order to get new equipment they should also try to make the most improvements possible for all the students. 

“We have to do something, because that playground is at the point, like he (Armstrong) said, that our maintenance has done all they can do, and it’s at the point where they have to put up plywood because they is nothing else to do but block off areas,” Joy said. “So we know we have to do something; we are just really hoping that while we are doing that we can go ahead and make it that next step.”

Read more about the project in the May 28 issue of The Graham Leader.

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