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    Four Twenty Jim poses in front of his motorhome, the Cannabus 2, during his stop on Graham Tuesday, Nov. 26, and Wednesday, Nov. 27. Jim travels across the nation advocating for the federal legalization of marijuana. (Leader photo by Nathan Lawson)

Stirring the pot

Four Twenty Jim advocates for federal legalization of marijuana

Four Twenty Jim and the Cannabus 2 made a stop in Graham Tuesday and Wednesday as he continues his journey around America promoting the federal legalization of marijuana.

Jim, who was born James Stevens before legally changing his name, said he started his journey March 1, 2014 after he was charged with two counts of sales of marijuana.

“I simply wanted the state to prove all points of their case,” Jim said. “Prove to me what narcotics are in marijuana, there never has been one and never will be. Instead, of proving to my jury what narcotics are in marijuana, they said I was incompetent to stand trial, they called me crazy. That was seven years and 31 states ago.”

The proponent of marijuana legalization said he has been coming to Texas since 2015. However, this is his first time making a stop in Graham after some of his followers suggested the stop. He said he tries to check with city officials to make sure he is welcomed.

“(Graham) not only welcomed me, they suggested the square for parking,” Jim said. “(…) I get a few cities like that, but I’ve loved the state of Texas.”

He said he started his journey with $5,000 and his first motor home.

“You know mister (Martin Luther) King (Jr.) had a dream, I had a vision that’s what I can call it, a dream, a vision, whatever and here I am” Jim said. “When I started out in March 1, 2014, I didn’t know if I would make it one state or one month.”

He said he did a march on Washington D.C. in 2015 and shortly after that veterans from the Vietnam Veterans Reunion in Greentown, Ind., asked him to be their voice.

“That’s the highest honor I will ever get in my life. I am not a vet, but I am their voice,” Jim said. “They told me if they spoke out they lost their meds, their money and stuff and asked me to be their voice. I grew up with my dad telling me ‘a man is only as good as his word and a handshake is contract.’ I shook hundreds of vets and their hands that day and promised them I will be out here until it is federally done.”

Jim said he lost his first motor home to an engine fire in Knoxville and a Vietnam veteran donated the Cannabus 2 for $1,000 to keep his journey going.

He said many people forget because some states legalized marijuana that possession is still a federal crime.

“My final goal would be to get to the President and say ‘hey, it is a God-given herb,’” Jim said. “Otherwise you’re telling me the Bible is a lie and God stutters in his words, mine don’t stutter.”

He has a petition called “Make Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana legal in the U.S.A  A.S.A.P. or get voted out! A.S.A.P.” at change.org which as of Tuesday had 6,527 signatures.

He said he is able to continue his journey financially by allowing those who donate cash to sign the Cannabus 2 and those who donate $10 or more are given a T-shirt. The proponent for the legalization of marijuana also has a GoFundMe active for those who want to support his cause.

“My mission is peace, love and cannabis for all,” Jim said.



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