Stoplight and water line flush start this week

The city of Graham will perform two maintenance operations this week according to two notices by City Manager Brandon Anderson.

The first maintenance operation involves the stoplight mechanism at the corner of Fourth and Indiana Street which started this week on Monday, July 30.

Due to concerns with the upkeep and maintenance costs for the stoplight, the city is testing the intersection as a three-way stop. The lights will blink red at all times and the light should be treated like a three-way stop and drivers should yield to the right-of-way.

The second operation involves the city performing a system-wide flush of the water lines during the first few weeks in August. This is not the annual disinfection of the water transmission and distribution system that will be done later in the summer.

“This could break some sedimentation loose and as we do this we also recommend you flush your own lines as well,” Anderson said in the notice.

An annual test is required by Texas Center for Environmental Quality to change the city’s water transmission and distribution system to a cleaning process that helps it remain free of any biofilm growth. The city will give another notice when the annual flush is scheduled later this summer.

For any questions, contact Graham City Hall at 940-549-3322. Graham City Hall is located at 429 4th St

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